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Residential Interior Design Tricks: Making Small Look Big

August 27th, 2012 | Posted by dolanm in interior design | Uncategorized

Whether you’re in a cramped apartment in the city or an old salt box home in New England, small rooms can be difficult to manage. They can feel stifling and crowded, and alleviating this atmosphere often proves to be an uphill battle. Luckily, residential interior design tips abound, and making a smaller room feel larger is no exception. With just a few tricks, a sense of space can be added to any room.

Obviously, the easiest and first thing that should be done is to reduce the amount of things in the room. This doesn’t mean remove the furniture necessarily, but it does mean remove junk and stray papers and books. Even a little clutter can shrink a room enormously.

One surprising trick that few people think of on their own is color. The larger the variety of color in the room, the more crowded it will feel. Monochromatic coloring schemes in residential interior design for small rooms can alleviate the sense of being cramped by smoothing out what the eye sees. If furniture and walls can be coordinated with this monochromatic scheme, the idea will work even better.

Another important trick is to keep the room open, both to light and movement. If furniture is kept away from entrances and allows for a direct walking path, a greater sense of space will be provided. As well, if windows are cleared to allow in natural light, the space will feel naturally larger.

Residential interior design cannot actually alter physics, but with a few simple tricks it sure can feel like that.

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